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Nae Zerka, born 1969, lives and works in Salzburg, Austria.

As a traveler of the analog digital synthesis, talented visual artist Nae Zerka never stops exploring. The artist's inspiration for his work are from digitalization, along with graphic design and music. Himself he produced electronic music and became a techno DJ in legendary clubs. His work blends the design element with technology, graphic design with a painterly finish. His dynamic paintings represent opposites, they polarize and therefore they are rich in contrast. Things reflect each other and the explosive composition gives an expansive richness of shapes and forms. Warmth, cool, frantic, quiet, dynamic lines and shapes are combined with colors and forms and finally merge into a overall composition.

His abstract works of art challenge the viewer, the respective thought building of the viewer counts. In his works, Nae creates a transformed atmosphere that should let the viewer feel, sense and discover a new reality. His explosive and dynamic approach create a kaleidoscopic reality.


"As you can see, the influence of some pop art artists in the beginning was very big. In particular I would like to mention Robert Rauschenberg, who has inspired me with his print transfers as an artist. I have also repeatedly taken up the idea of processing popular culture internet trends; consumption, pornography, self expression. Works by Thomas Ruff come into play here. This may sound strange when I say it like this, but we had similar ideas at the same time and have implemented them in a similar way and use photographs and pictures from the internet. Despite my digital processing I always have a tendency to real painting. I just like to look at good painting. Here I have been influenced more and more by the paintings of Harold Ancart. Especially the psychedelic composition of his earlier works impresses me and the colors do their necessary part."  Nae Zerka


Virginia Damtsa, London, UK



Rise Art, London, UK

The Artling, Singapore, SINGAPORE

Saatchi Art, Los Angeles, USA



Kunstmatrix, So Near So Far, Berlin, GERMANY



CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, SOUTH KOREA [09/2021]

The Flux Review, London, UK

Art Number 23, London, UK

Visionary Projects, New York, USA


art3f Salon International D'Art Contemporain, LUXEMBOURG

M.A.D.S. #Mil@no, Milan, ITALY

Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN


art connect Artist to watch 2021, Berlin, GERMANY


Participant Luxembourg Art Prize 2020



Nae Zerka


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